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Arrested Development T-Shirts

I flippin’ love Arrested Development.  I mean, who doesn’t, right?  In case you’re not in the know, Arrested Development (AD) was a short-lived Fox comedy (3 seasons, 53 total episodes) that changed the comedy game forever.  It raised the bar for television comedy writing, acting, directing and style.  Sadly, it found its devoted audience in the years following its cancellation.  But worry not!  The brains behind the show, Mitchell Hurwitz and Ron Howard have confirmed that the show is coming back for a ten-episode run, culminating in a feature film.  We fans stayed true for years, and we are being rewarded! 

I will definitely be making shirts for when I go see the movie.  And yes, I will be making multiple shirts for every time that I see it in theaters.  Here are some of my ideas:




What do you guys think?  Really simple, but funny.  I designed all three of these in a total of 5-10 minutes at  Let me know what you think, and comment with some of your own funny AD shirt ideas.  See you all opening night!